What is it for? Kahoot! has been created in order to teach , althrought you can used for entertainment. This aplication strengthen the idea that: Enjoy learning. Is very useful for the teachers and students to learn and review concepts in an entertaining way, as a competition. The most common way is through test questions. Sign up in Kahoot! This service is divided in two pages: kahoot.it and GetKahoot.com. The first page is used to join the game, destined to the students, while the second is used to create a Template of questions in Kahoot, destined to the teachers.   How does Kahoot! work CreateRead More →

We are going to talk about all the applications that Google offers, did you know that up to this moment there are 44 products that you put at your disposal?. In this post I will explain 11 of them and how you can take advantage of it. The American company makes a classification of its variety of services according to the purpose or public to which each of these applications is intended: Google products for the web: 1. Web search: It is the most used search engine in the world, it receives hundreds of millions of searches every day. 2. Google Chrome: Is their browser, isRead More →

What is Wix? What is WordPress? Wix is a private tool to créate websites you can enter with a free or pay versión. The main idea is that anyone can créate their own web, without specific knowledge about programming.   WordPress is a is a free software content manager that allows you to créate websites or blogs in a free way, but it does not offer accommodation of any kind.   Lodging In the case of Wix you can not choose your hosting provider because you only have the option of staying with them. The biggest disadvantage is that it’s usually collapsed and experiences numerousRead More →

When you start to develop a web design, you have to know two concepts: “Responsive web design” and “Adaptive web design”. Before your decision to chose responsive or adaptive you have to analize previously out necessities and what type of dispositive will you use our target. Here we can see some points to know how it works: Identification of dispositives: Adaptive design use a web server to detect the dispositive and ajust the web interface to an especific resolution screen. Responsive design use Media Queries (this are programated in style sheet of CSS) to detect the resolution and design. Is based on fixed columns, that’sRead More →