Wix or WordPress? That is the question…

What is Wix? What is WordPress?

Wix is a private tool to créate websites you can enter with a free or pay versión. The main idea is that anyone can créate their own web, without specific knowledge about programming.


WordPress is a is a free software content manager that allows you to créate websites or blogs in a free way, but it does not offer accommodation of any kind.



In the case of Wix you can not choose your hosting provider because you only have the option of staying with them. The biggest disadvantage is that it’s usually collapsed and experiences numerous falls. You will not have access to the files of your web and you will not be able to transfer your web to another accommodation. That obligates you to stay with Wix


In WordPress you can choose your own hosting provider and you will have access to all your web page files and You can also transfer them to another provider.


Web loading speed

This is one of the most disadvantage of Wix, that is that the loading speed tends to be more slow, this is because the shared hosting.


Instead, the loading speed of WordPress depends on the hosting that you have chosen. If you have a good hosting, you will have a good and fast loading speed.


Easy to use

 Wix is an easy and intuitive platform. Someone can create a webpage with a good apparence.


Although with WordPress you can create your web without having any knowledge about programmation, you will experiment a slow learning curve. because you will take your time to know how it works


Ease of installation

To do a website with Wix you don’t need to do some dificult dowloading. It’s fast and easy, anyone can do it.


To install WordPress can be easier or dificult depends of hosting provider.



 Wix will offer you sort of templates that you can use to créate your website. There are templates designed to a diferents sectors, you can customize them easily. The most disadvantatge is that when you choose one of those templates, you can’t change it without losing all the content you have inside. Neither you won’t have acces to your web source code, with which you can’t edit the aspect of a template to customize it in HTML or CSS


WordPRes offers a lot of differents templates, it has more variety on the templates and you can allways change it. With WordPress you have acces to web source code and you can edit everything of the template aparence and customize it using HTML or CSS.


So… Wix or WordPress?

WordPress in spite of have a slow learning curve, offers you more possibilities than Wix. You are your owner in the web, you can transfer to another hosting provider or do a new look to your web without losing any of the content

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