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a free and open-source content management system (CMS) based on PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) and MySQL (My Sequel).


What is

In the simplest terms, we have a company that has developed WordPress, a very well-established software, but found out that not everyone is standing by himself, so he developed a website that looks a lot like the blogger: WordPress. com .

The benefits of this site is that you just click the next step you can set up their own blog, the downside is that he is afraid you will not operate the site broke, so he will not give you a lot of features to use, just hope you are good Just write an article, and if you feel like you want to add more features then you buy their services to add functionality.

The disadvantage of this site is that you can not install the plug-in version they want, they can only use the version and plug-in they provide, they can not write their own program, but for most people is already very useful, so You can think of it as a pirate off state with no cover ads . page: https:/


What is

Some people tried and found that the operation and function are very much in line with their needs, hope you can install your favorite plug-in version or you can modify the program, then you should go to download their own rental host Installation, the benefits are free to set everything, the downside is that you have to set all the features. page:

If you want to compare with what is the difference, I will give an example:

  • is like buying a set meal at McDonald’s, eating french fries, chicken nuggets, hamburgers, cola, and a little more.
  • is like you have to cook your own home, want to eat what you want to buy their own ingredients to cook.



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