If we have a website under WordPress in which several people write, surely in more than one occasion we have seen the need to change the author of an article. Either because post-modifications have been made and we want to change the authorship. Or because there is a person to create the articles, while others are the ones that give them content. And, although this change is relatively simple, it would not be the first time that, in order to change the author, we have seen someone create a new article, and paste into it all the content of another. Yes, we will not denyRead More →

We currently have a wide variety of devices from which we access the internet. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, televisions, even clocks. They all have a different screen size and also a different resolution. An image on a smartphone can be seen very crisp, but this same file in a high resolution monitor will be pixelated. The ideal would be to have the same image but in several sizes and that the browser chooses what to present at any time. SRCSET attribute srcset is an attribute within the img element that allows us just this, to have several images in different resolutions, and the browser, dependingRead More →

Initial phase (STEP 1) This first phase is in contact with your idea, with the sector and with mobile technology. Before youget in search of developers or designers you have work to do. Let’s start with a first real contact with your idea. -The idea of Android app. The first thing you need to create an Android app is to have a good idea. The ideal is that it meets a need, which solves a problem with mobile users. Check your competition. If there are Android applications that already cover this need,make a better app. Mature this idea until you think it could be viable.Read More →

When making an interface design, it is very important to take care of the vocabulary and expressions, in this article we tell you some mistakes that we usually make when writing for an interface: 1. Use of technical words We must bear in mind that the user does not have to have knowledge in the subject that we are dealing with, and a very common error is to use words that belong to the professional jargon in which the project moves or even to refer to very specific terms . The ideal in this sense is to write for all levels of readers and chooseRead More →