Here are some very important factors to keep in mind when designing an interface. These factors can help you design faster and more efficiently and consistently, and also help you avoid many of the problems that designers can find in the process. USE GRIDS! Grids are the basis of the user’s experience. Designing with grid is super important so the final design is more accurate and coherent, and allow you to place the elements in a visual sense.   The grids can be in many ways, depending on the design you want to realize, but the most common grid for aligning the elements is theRead More →

ELLO is a social network of publication and collaboration that supports the global community of artists, founded in 2013 by a group of artists, designers and developers, who imagined a contemporary platform for creative work, artists, agencies, publishers… ELLO is committed to the dissemination of art, creative opportunity and new ways to inspire, and to boost and reward current creators with visibility, influence and professional opportunities. Why is ELLO different? ELLO was born as a social network anti-Facebook, with no problem in affirming it. This network of artists was proclaimed free of charge and without publicity, and it arose in response to the controverted policies ofRead More →

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to start designing our website. You will see you don’t always need lots of fancy effects to make a professional and good-looking web design that will impress your visitors. In this tutorial, we need to have some basic understanding of Photoshop and know how to do basic tasks. Create the document First of all we need to open Photoshop and create a document to start designing our website. Create a document with a size of 1100px1100px Then add some vertical guides at 70px and 1030px.* *Guides will give us a width of 960px, which will fit onRead More →