Mailchimp is a website that allows you to create nice emails, what do I mean by saying that? Well I’m talking in marketing language. A nice e-mail is the one that creates an impression on the client. A client doesn’t want a written email which is a bit boring. The client might want an e-mail with some graphics, images, nice links… to easier see the info we want to give them. They work under the lema “Send better email”. This platform it’s used by  companies and also bloggers as a marketing tool. This is how it looks:       This website obviously is now anRead More →

Hello, here you are going to find and understand some tips to make the user stay in your webpage, to make the user happy with his experience on your webpage… I am going to give you tips on how to make a good structure, how to choose wisely the colors, the typography… Stay here and read, doesn’t is sound interesting? 1. First of all, the most important element on a webpage is the information architecture and how we navigate through it. So as each web site is different in terms of content, each web site will be different structured as well. As a consequence there isRead More →