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This year Google surprised us with the launch of the first version (Beta) of Android P, and in its Google I/O conference, they presented us everything new that will be in this future update. This new version does not mean a radical change in the brand but it is very ambitious, since it wants to introduce new concepts and improvements.

User interface

  • They have improved the user interface, and have chosen to use a much more minimalist style with touches of color in the icons.
  • They have added gestures, which allow us to go back, open multitasking, exit applications, … This part still has a little work left to do.
  • In the multitasking part, we can select texts from one application and copy it in to another.
  • In the navigation bar, the drop-down menu has disappeared.
  • In the notifications, everything is better grouped and animations have also improved.
  • Adjustments, now it’s all in one section but we have a search bar.


Machine Learning (I.A that allows phones to learn and remember what we do)

  • New concept “Smart battery”, the apps that we use the less, will be left  at a minimum level of consumption so that the applications that we use the most will be prepared to start them quicker.
  • Automatic brightness; the phone will stay with all those times we have raised and lowered the brightness to then do it automatically and offer us the best experience.
  • App action; Our phone will suggest actions within those applications (call, send WhatsApp, Play music when we connect headphones, …).
  • Control of the use of the mobile phone; We will have a function where we can see when we dedicate time to each application, we can also limit the time we dedicate to each application.
  • Improving the Do Not Disturb mode, no type of sound or notification will appear on the screen.

Improvement of Google Assistant

  • Add 6 new voices
  • Improvement in recognition, now recognizes natural language. We can have more complex conversations with the Google assistant.
  • Google Assistant can talk intelligently, you can call us and for example, reserve time for the hairdresser or a table in a restaurant.

In summary, we can see how Google has taken a step forward and introduced new concepts and functions, now we have to wait for the official launch to arrive.

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