Facebook Ads is the platform, system or tool with which you can carry out all kinds of advertising campaigns within Facebook and Instagram.


To create an advertisement on Facebook Ads there are 3 important phases:

1.Type of ad.

This is where we decided the type of advertisement we seek to publish. Here depends on the objective you have in your business and the results you’re looking for.

2.Set of announcements.

In the second part is where we define the audience, the budget and the calendar.

Defining the audience that you want to respond to your ad is one of the most important steps, so you should study your market well and have a well defined avatar (Age, sex, occupation, interests, worries, frustrations, what is it they want, etc.).

Once your hearing is defined, it is time to set your budget. Here you can create a campaign running continuously and a quantity to spend per day, or you can also set the start and end date of the campaign with the daily budget. When you set the amount you plan to spend, Facebook gives you an estimated daily reach so you can give yourself a day of how many people will see the ad.

3.Create the ad.

The third and final phase is another of the most important on Facebook Ads: the creation of the advertisement.

Here are some tips to consider to create a good Facebook ad:

  • Know your market. The more you know who you are addressing, the better copywriting you will have in your ads and the more influence they will have on who sees them. The law of 20%. The images that you put in your ads can’t have more than 20% in text.
  • Use attractive and quality images, this will give your ads an impact and good aspect.
  • Test different headings and texts. Measure your results and optimize until you reach a desired conversion rate.
  • Review the rules and character limits for each ad. Depending on the type of advertisement you are going to publish, some allow a certain number of characters in the titles and the text.
  • Consider the different possible locations of the ads. On Facebook you can show ads in the news section of the computer, news section of the cell phone, Instagram, public network and the right column of the computer. Evaluate each one of these options and decide what suits you best.

Once you have decided the images, text and location of the ad, you can place the order.

Now just wait for Facebook to approve your ad and start seeing the results!!


Hope you enjoy the post!

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