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If you are a content creator on Youtube you should probably know by now that it’s vital to be aware of what’s trending nowadays. If you want to become bigger, you should adjust some of your content to what’s popular. Channels that do videos about trending topics get recommended by Youtube more often an most of the time end up in the trending tab. Have you ever clicked on the button that says “trending” with the fire icon? If you did, you probably noticed there’s a couple of topics that repeat. Here’s how it works:

The trending feed is a list of 50 videos numered from #50 to #1. It shows what videos are new and popular on your contry. This list takes on cosideration view count (especially the rate of growth in views), where views are coming from, along many other things. That means that the video with the highest daily view count may not necessarily be #1 on Trending.

When we take a look at the feed we can detect a pattern of topics pretty quickly. Those are:

  • Music videos: If a famous artist realeses a new videoclip for their song, it will most likely appear on the tab. The more people listen to the song, the higher it will get on the ranking. Don’t forget that music is one of Youtube’s most watched categories, and music channel’s being the ones with most subscribers.
  • Movie trailers: It’s pretty similar to music videos. If a movie carries a lot of “hype” from its audience (like Star Wars or Deadpool) you can bet it will be on the ranking.
  • Gaming videos: The gaming comunity it’s becoming pretty big nowadays and keeps growing. If you want to get better on a videogame or simply enjoy watching how others play it, it’s easy to find a Youtuber that makes videos about it. And if it is a popular game like “Fornite” it will probably be on the top of the ranking.
  • Tv shows: TV shows found out that there was a very big part of the population that didn’t watch TV as much or not at all. So that’s why they started uploading highlights (or maybe the entire thing) of their programs to Youtube.

Before we finish, we’re going to tell you a couple of tips to get in the trending tab:

  • Consider making broadly appealing, shareable videos. These could help you to reach new fans who might not yet know your channel.
  • Keep up your channel’s momentum. If your videos are getting viral, take advantage of that.
  • Check out YouTube Analytics Traffic every now and then to see how often your videos appeared on trending.

Hope this works!

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