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You probably heard about YouTube: a social network where everyone can upload content in form of videos and share them with users around the world. It’s becoming very popular nowadays, with over one billion users – almost one-third of all people on the Internet – and each day those users watch a billion hours of video, generating billions of views. Also, it’s no secret that there are youtubers with millons of followers that are making a living out of it. Does that idea sound good to you? In this post you will find everything that you need to know to get a good star in this platform.

Creating an account:

In order to create your own Youtube channel, you will need a Google account first. If you already have one, you just need to type in your gmail and password; if not, you’re going to have to create one. Once you do that, Youtube will ask you to name your channel: it’s in your best interest to use a simple name, easy to say and remember. You can test that by saying your name out loud and if people can understand and writte it down, that’s probably good enough.

It’s also very important that you upload a quality banner (with links to your other social networks) and a porfile picture. This way people will find your channel more professional and appealing.

Uploading a video:

The kind of videos you make (videoblogs, gameplays, makeup, visual effects, etc.) it’s completely, but there’s a few things you should always keep in mind when you upload them.

1.- The video should have enough resolution. Nowadays most of people own devices with good screens, so your video should be at least 720p(HD), but is best if you upload it at 1080p(FullHD).

2.- Another important aspect is the sound. You don’t need profesional microphones if you’re starting, but you should at least try to make your voice sound as clear as possible.

3.- This may seem like a silly thing but it’s very recomended that you leave links to your other social accounts in the description, as well as using appropriate tags so people can find your videos more easily.

4.- And last but not least, the title and thumbnail are the first things viewers see before the video, so it’s important to make them somewhat catchy and inviting.

And that’s pretty much all the basics. We hope that these few tips will help you in the start of your new Youtube jorney.



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