Nowadays, tecnology is fully envolved in our lives.  We all of us bring a tecnologic device with us.

We are constantly connected at the internet using tablets, smartphones or laptops. There are many  websites and platforms, for this reason to outstand we have to design our content rigurously.

Here you have some tricks that can help you to create your desktop website design:

Domain name

Nowadays, it’s elementary to have a domain in the internet with the name of your company. It is also really cheap, it costs around 15€ per year.

Personal data

It is very important to have your personal data at first line, this helps to open comunication channels with your costumers. This includes a phone number or an e-mail.

CTA (call to action)

The call to action is vital in your website. It is necessary to align the goal, inside your website you should highlight the most important points of interest, perhaps the customer will be driven to the points that you want to stand out.  For example the button that says “connect us”, brings the user to fill the contact form, or the button that says “show more”, let the user browse deeply at your website.


The website of your company is a branding strategy and is important to have a good design of your logo. Furthermore if you set your logo on a good and notable place, the user will clearly associate your logo with your enterprise.

Browse menu

We have to create a browse menu to let the user navegate through our website comfortably and easily. However, studies recommend not to let the menu occupy more than 20% of the website.


It’s true that is essential to have images of the product as well as the service we offer. This will help to have a better image of your enterprise and make it more appealing for the customer.

Social networks links

It is essential to have the link of our website at social networks, this wil help you to let others know about your company.

Key features

Our website has to be useful. We must provide the user the vital information, this includes the description of what we can offer, the features and the advantages.

Navegation Menu:

Finally, if your website has many pages, placing a navegation menu at the footer can help the user to browse at our website.

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