Google Analytics is a really useful tool for any webpage owner who seeks to know information about it’s usage. Analytics lets you know things such as which pages are the most visited, when are they visited and for how long, how did the users find your page, which are the peak hours, or even their behaviour inside your web. It’s installation is rather simple and the data can help you greatly to improve your webpage, as well as letting you know which are the sources of your traffic and new users, which can help you know which advertising is being more effective. This tutorial willRead More →

Hello! In this entry you will discover about, a handy tool for any kind of web designer, including ourselves. The use of this webpage is completely free, and you can create as many pens (which will be explained later) as you wish. It does have a Premium feature that adds more functionalities, but for most of the users needs, it isn’t necessary at all. This webpage is made specifically for the use, practice and learning of the three main languages for web: HTML, CSS and JS. It lets you work on it online, getting updated results as you work on it, which removes theRead More →

Tumblr has been one of the main social networks during the last years. Even if not as globally known as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, it has been one of the primary tools for creators and artists because of its versatility and the advantages it offers to people compared to other networks. Nowadays it has a bigger user base than WordPress, which could be considered it’s main competitor. Tumblr could be thought as a bit more basic tool than it, which makes it much more attractive for personal use, although some small businesses and creators do also use it. The main feature of tumblr it’s theRead More →