3 Pixel Art Games You Should Play

3 Pixel Art Games You Should Play


Stardew Valley is one of the best pixel art games among millions of gamers. What is good about this games is the feel of homey and cozy when you enter in this world. Also it changes the season and it is a work of art to see it.


Secondly we found Coffe Talk. It is a visual novel where characters meet and talk while you take a hot cup of coffe.

The illustration on this game is absolutely amazing, we have a very realistic look with a lot of layers of contrast and shadows. The history on this pixel art game is intriguing and let you socialize through a fictional world with fictional characters.


One of the most interesting pixel art games out there, Terraria may be old but it’s still a great game to play. It’s a sandbox action-adventure where everything seems possible. You get to build your own home, defend it from monsters, collect items, and fight crazy bosses.

Despite their age, pixel art is a masterpiece artwork. It have a lot of detail in their textures and the background design is another level. This game has been a reference for the design and the story of an inmense amount of other games.

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